Climate Change

If you are hoping to find key information on climate change issues and climate change solutions, then you have come to the right place.  As an Ontario, Canada based organization concerned with climate change issues, we intend to create a resource, news, and content portal to share information that may help people learn to combat climate change. With a robust background in gathering and presenting sources of knowledge, our Board has learned over the years to take climate change issues seriously. Focused on climate change solutions and creating a content center geared towards environmental education we make every effort to provide truth and transparency about important current events and topics happening in Ontario, Canada, and elsewhere. By cultivating and collecting the most reliable and trustworthy news, facts, and statistics about climate change solutions and climate change issues in Ontario and beyond, our Sources of Knowledge website is intended to be a gathering point for essential insights on the topic. Dedicated to effective and efficient resource sharing and solutions, we are constantly improving how we approach climate change issues and make sure to provide high quality subject appropriate matter. Do you have something you think we might want to share? Reach out to us at, or through our website’s contact form.

Climate Change Plans in Northern Bruce Peninsula

Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association Climate Action Information Hub
Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula – Climate Action Committee Report to Council

Effects of Climate Change on the Natural World

Projected Changes in Bird Assemblages due to Climate Change in a Canadian System of Protected Areas

Localized Climate Data & Information

The Evidence of Climate Change in Tobermory

Bill Caulfeild-Browne Summary
Tobermory Weather

Supplemental Climate Information for BPNP & FFNMP

Presentation Prepared by Scott Parker, Ph.D